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Hello everyone reading this - Today I come with sad but interesting news, this is certainly an announcement I didn’t want to do anytime soon however it’s a mutual understanding between the whole management team that this is a good decision to make.

A year ago a great friend of mine, SanderGaming came to me when I was in a bad time. I had just been screwed over by friends of mine and lost an entire community and group of friends. Sander (and a few others) refused to settle for it and so I was invited to help bring Sandbero Gaming alive – a idea that had been in the back of Sanders mind for a while.

The early days started off really well, we hired our first drivers and within a couple of weeks had our own websites, community events and driver team of around 18 people. Overtime this grew more and more, and then reality kicked in and work took a hit on the time Sander had to dedicate to the community.

This is when Sander made the bold choice to handover responsibility of Sandbero fully to myself (who was co owner at the time) and focus his time on real life work. When this happened I put a lot of time into the community, opening a brand new discord for the VTC to bring everyone together, removed old and inactive members, refreshed our radio advertisement and went on the hunt for new, active drivers to build up our community.

Ever since then things have been going good, we’ve had people come and go but for the majority things have been going well, however I have now taken on more responsibility, both online in SimulatorRadio and in real life with my career and future, I find it difficult to make time for the community or driving in general, in fact I haven’t played ETS for couple of months or so. So that brings us here, to present time with the decision I hate to announce. Sandbero Transport VTC will be closing our doors officially at the end of this current month, our last open day will be the 30th of September.

As I mentioned this is not a decision myself, or the team have taken lightly, we have had extensive conversations regarding this topic and we feel that we should end it now on a good note, and go out with a bang remembering all of the good times we’ve had together.

We have been in conversations with SimulatorRadio VTC who have just re-opened their doors this week, myself and Pokey have a position in the development team there so if you would like somewhere to go that’s familiar, feel free to join in October when we close our doors.

For all of your drivers right now, nothing will change. We will resume normal service for the next 3 weeks, don’t feel like you have to leave right now, we’d prefer if you stayed and enjoyed the last moments we have together as the family we are.

I want to thank everyone personally from the bottom of my heart, those who have come and gone, who are present and past who made an impact on this community, for helping it grow and being a part of it. Our goal from the beginning was to create a community like a family, that remains fun and friendly and that I can say we have definitely achieved.

So thank you to everybody, seriously – this community means the world to me and always will.

Much Love ❤️️

— Joe